Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breathe in the mask?

You can breathe relatively easily. Covering your nose and mouth with any type of mask product is going to cause you to need to breathe slightly differently. Mzansi Masks can be worn comfortably for a number of hours.

How do I wash my mask? 

We recommend a 30 degree machine wash and line dry.   We do NOT recommend hand-washing as this can sometimes be done too vigorously, whilst a machine wash cycle is more gentle. The product is not designed to withstand bleach, but may be disinfected if necessary. 

I have a beard. Can I wear a Mzansi Mask? 

We recommend that those with vigorous and generous facial hair bear in mind that masks are not designed for a strong stubble, or abrasive facial hair. We would recommend a shave, or beard trim.

Can my children wear a Mzansi Mask with comfort? 

Yes they can. You can make this experience non-threatening, teaching them how to wear their mask and why wearing a Mzansi Mask is an added barrier helping to protect. You can also set an example by wearing yours. We offer suitable, fun prints for children. Childrens masks are suitable for ages 3 to 8.

Why should I use a Mzansi Mask during lockdown / social isolation?

It is imperative to comply with the shutdown regulations and parameters that have been set by the South African Government.  We work entirely within this framework and are working in alignment to the regulations and decisions made. However there will be circumstances where you may still need to leave the house, such as to buy groceries, to support a relative, to make a delivery, or if someone in your home is self-isolating. In these instances a Mzansi Mask can be worn as mask-wearing is now mandatory. 

Where do I find out more information about wearing a Mzansi Mask?

If you have a questions send us an email to

Do you supply companies or organisations needing masks for their employees or volunteers?

Many of those providing security, medical, relief, social development support or essential services are already wearing masks -  we will supply whoever needs a Mzansi Mask, wherever possible. Please contact us if you have any specific needs and especially if you require large quantities for meeting an essential service, or if you are a government department, organisation or nonprofit providing essential and necessary services at this time, as defined by the regulations. We will make a plan to help you.

When should I wear my Mzansi Mask?

Whenever leaving your home!

Why are you producing Mzansi Masks?

We are offering another option for people to consider in their arsenal of tools to protect themselves.  We can work together to “flatten the curve” - we are a resilient nation and we can do this together.