The Importance of Upliftment During Tough Times

There is no doubt that the current season is one consisting of a struggle for people from all walks of life. With COVID-19 putting jobs, lives and relationships at risk, it can be difficult to stay positive and feel empowered. In South Africa, we celebrate Women’s Day in August and continue to showcase the brave and inspirational in our community throughout the month. 

We recently heard from Mzansi Masks customer, Linda de Reuk, who bravely opened up about her own personal struggles during COVID-19, and how she holds onto the hope of overcoming through solidarity.

 Linda started off by showing her appreciation for her Mzansi Masks, saying, “Thank you for the comfortable masks and beautiful patterns.”

Linda’s COVID-19 journey

The pandemic has introduced several unexpected obstacles such as caring for a family with unknown risks. As a grandmother, Linda supported her daughter who had a young family to care for.

“I started ordering while it was compulsory. I spent four months in Cape Town, assisting my pregnant daughter and her hubby with her children - a four-year-old, a two-year-old, and the baby that was born during COVID.

It was stressful during the period, but the masks were keeping us safe and comfortable.  The two little ones enjoyed the masks and sanitizer.” 

Eventually, Linda had to return to her home in Randburg where she was met with even more challenges. This time they were financial as the pandemic restrictions have limited the operations of various industries.

She shares, “I flew back to Randburg two weeks ago and am busy with retrenchments at this stage -  we are still working with consultations.  The hospitality industry is suffering, and we used to do conferences and weddings.”

Adjusting to a “new normal”

Despite these difficult times, Linda has managed to maintain a positive attitude.

 She shares, “We are all trying to adjust to a new normal. But adjusting is often too hard because we feel so stuck. We are grown women, capable of healing, capable of moving forward.

Women's day is also to remind ourselves to continue to uplift support actively and motivate one another (regardless of gender). By working together as a community and during the pandemic, we can achieve equal representation and voice in the male domination environment.”

In closing, Linda shares how the Mzansi Masks have managed to play a positive role in her journey.  

“The bright colour of the masks remind me of us, as ladies. There is a day that we are full of energy and days less energetic.”

Feeling inspired

We can’t help but feel inspired and encouraged after reading Linda’s story. In addition, we want to celebrate our women customers this month who are working to overcome adversity, demonstrating innate courage and commitment during this time to make the best of challenging circumstances.

Linda credits her Mzansi Mask with adding a bit of colour and brightness in her life. You can browse our available stock online.

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