Souper Troopers Needs Your Help To Feed The Hungry

Normally, Souper Troopers works with homeless people, helping them to regain the dignity needed to help them move off the streets. 

When COVID-19 hit Cape Town, many of the beneficiaries were moved by the City of Cape Town to Strandfontein. As an organization, Souper Troopers turned to help other organizations needing assistance. 

In an organic way, a fund was started to collect donations. Feeding schemes from the poorest areas in Cape Town were prioritised to help families that were starving. In many ways, food became a far bigger issue than a virus. 

In addition to existing non-profits, there are other individuals who have opened up their kitchens to help those in their communities.

Funds Are Needed

In the first couple of weeks, the fund only supported 20 - 30 schemes. As of last week, Souper Troopers now supports 150 regular feeding schemes which range from existing non-profits who were working in the area before the virus hit. 

And the number of feeding schemes needing support is growing by the day. These projects are run by amazing individuals who have a heart for their communities.

The funding application which Souper Troopers oversees is strict and closely monitored. This involves the showing of receipts, taking photographs of meals being prepared, and social distancing being practiced. 

Souper Troopers need help from the community to keep their good work going. You can find out how to donate over here. Every little bit helps support individuals in their community be heroes.

“All of us together have only got one aim in mind - and that is to keep feeding the hungry people in Cape Town”. 

Mzansi Masks team wants to help and so are publicising the call by Carryn from Souper Troopers for donations.  We have seen some of the amazing work of these organisations and community leaders providing food and essential support to destitute people during the lockdown. 

If you can please do help and make a donation to Souper Troupers.  Thank you.