How to wear your Mzansi Mask

Congratulations on purchasing your very own Mzani Mask! We hope that our beautifully designed, functional masks bring you greater freedom as you safely venture out of your home.  

To make sure that you’re extra comfortable, Tamarin has put together a short video to show you how to wear your Mzansi Mask.

Putting on your Mzansi Mask 

Mzansi Masks are made especially with neon stitching at the bottom left-hand corner. When you put your mask on, make sure that the little stitching is on the bottom left, and not on the top.

If the neon stitching is at the top, it means that your mask is upside down and you may feel uncomfortable.  

The pointy part of your Mzansi Mask should be on top and cover the bridge of your nose with the straight bit under your chin. So hold your mask in front of you and look at it from the back and you will see the pointy part will face upwards like an upside-down ^.   

Place the mask on your face, making sure that the mask covers your nose. Then, hook the elastics behind your ears.

What if the mask feels loose?

If you feel that it is not snuggly around your face, then you can tie a little knot in the elastics to tighten them. You could also loosen them by adjusting the elastics.

To do so, follow these steps;

  1. Take your mask off
  2. Tie a little knot on both sides, in a similar place
  3. Test the fit by putting on your mask again

The mask should fit snuggly around your face, comfortable around your chin, and covering your nose to allow you the maximum protection.

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Stay Safe - and enjoy your Mzansi Mask!