Help Is At Hand For Glasses Wearers…

We have heard your plea, wearers of spectacles, and we have a few solutions that may assist you from walking around looking a little on the foggy side when you are wearing your protective barrier mask.

Glasses wearers have messaged us asking for a way to help with the usual fogging up of glasses when wearing a mask. 

Basically the warm air that you breathe out sometimes gets a little stuck in the mask and tends to work its way out under your glasses lenses, which are lovely and cool, and causing, for some, what has become known as ‘The Great Fog’. 

This leaves us with one of two choices – abandon glasses or the mask. And we know it’s the mask that gets the chop every time.

But we do not want you risking your health, or anyone else’s for that matter, by going without your mask, so we recommend this simple and easy solution…

Wash your glasses with soap and water

Before going to the shops, experts suggest giving your glasses a quick wash with soapy water and then shake off the excess water. Place the specs aside to air dry, or dry them gently with a tissue or paper towel, and off you go.

For some reason, the soap tends to stave off the fogging up for most of the time spent at the grocery store.

Mzansi Masks

Mzansi Masks are not only stylish and well designed, with a unique fit that sits firmly on to the nose, and a constructed chin piece to help stabilize the mask when it's being worn, but they are also reusable and washable up to roughly 10 times, or more. 

This is not only a huge cost saver but is also way kinder to the environment compared to the one-wear masks that get thrown in the bin after each use.

Find out more about Mzansi Masks and how you can place your masks order here

 Guest post written by Heather Hook